VFOA United States

Middle Tennessee Worldviews

This segment of VFOA seeks to collect, compile, and circulate narratives from this diverse and growing region. One branch focuses on gathering and disseminating stories of local African American life in order to provide insight into the experiences of this community in Tennessee. In addition to providing new insights into how living under segregation shaped individuals’ childhood dreams, educational experiences, and sense of self and community, the project explores subsequent effects of those experiences on the lives of African Americans as they went on to pursue dreams, raise families, and understand themselves in relation to their increasingly multi-national and multi-cultural community and region. The other branch cultivates community-engaged learning in K-12 and college classroom settings and co-curricular programs. The top priority of this branch of VFOA is helping students build relationships with local partners, learning from them through interviews, identifying mutual interests, and undertaking collaborative program development and creative work based on those interests.