Leonardo Renato Aulder

Leonardo Renato Aulder was born in Hospital Santo Tomás in the Río Abajo area of Panama City in 1961. Having grown up with both parents working in the Canal Zone, Leonardo describes his early years as a completely American childhood. Not even realizing that he was Panamanian, Leonardo grew up speaking English, playing American football (among other sports), and listening to American music. In fact, it was not until he transferred from a private school taught by British nuns to the public Escuela de Panama that he learned to speak Spanish. Originally hoping to be a dancer, Leonardo got involved in music as a member of a group that choreographed dances and rapped about political issues, later selling his first popular song on cassette tapes before officially recording and releasing it in 1985. With his initial success came several sponsorships and the chance to record more music, including the song “La chica de los ojos café,” which was a hit across Latin America. While many of Leonardo’s musical influences come from R&B, he gives credit to the veterans of reggaeton, recognizing the work they did and the discrimination they suffered so that younger generations could enjoy success within the genre.