Panamanians of West-Indian Descent

Interview with Reggie Boyce


Reggie Boyce

Reggie Boyce was born in Colón in 1939 and is a well-known musician in the area. Since his parents were divorced when he was a child, Reggie credits his mother for most of his upbringing, but says that his father, a trumpet player, was a force in his life and his first source of inspiration. As a young child Reggie became a part of the Salvation Army church band, and went on to play as a teenager in some of the most prestigious cabarets in the area. As an adult, he played the trumpet with his band in cities like New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Reggie has also shared his talent in another way by teaching music for a number of years. He currently enjoys playing music and spending time with his companion and his five children.


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